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Brittany Howard of Alabama Shakes by Randy Cremean

Alabama Shakes front woman, Brittany Howard, has released a solo album under the name Thunderbitch. The self-titled record is streaming in its entirety on thundabetch.com and presents an edgier, harder version of the Southern-fried rock found on Alabama Shakes' first two efforts.

Britany worked with the bands Fly Golden Eagle and Clear Plastic Masks on the album. The precise identites of the musicians appearing on the record is something of a mystery. They are listed as "Thunderbitch, Matt Man, B Bone, ThunderMitch, Char Man and A Man."

A little research reveals the secret identities of Thunderbitch as:

Clear Plastic Masks
Andrew Katz -Vocals/Guitars/Keys
Matt Menold - Guitars/Keys
Charles Garmendia - Drums

Fly Golden Eagle
Ben Trimble
Mitch Jones - Keys


Watch the Lynch-esque release trailer for Thunderbitch.

pilgrimage2015 logo header

 words by Amy Price


Kevin Griffin, front man for the band Better than Ezra, had an epiphany while out for a run through a local park in his adopted hometown of Franklin, Tennessee. Why not hold a festival in this historic town that pays homage to the great things about the area, as the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival does for that city? The vision paid off: Pilgrimage Festival is poised to launch in late September with an event that will blend the best of Franklin and Middle Tennessee culture while staging a roster of mega musicians, in the rolling hills of historic Harlinsdale Farm.


In addition to a schedule that includes performances by Steven Tyler, Willie Nelson, Wilco, Weezer, Cage the Elephant, Dawes, Chris Stapleton and Dr. John,  the festival includes several hallmark events: the best of local food and drink with demonstrations by local food luminaries on a Kitchen 'n Sippin Stage, and a Storytelling stage where 'yarns will be spun' by some of the most colorful personalities in Nashville and Franklin. Most exciting are the Pilgrim Matchups, which will put artists together in special mini-jams who normally would not have the opportunity to play together.  


"We'll have unique pairings performing with one another in a way you haven't seen them before," says Griffin.  "One example you can imagine is pairing Big Sam Williams from Big Sam's Funky Nation on a stage with Weezer, and him playing his big trombone with those guys.  You can expect there will be mind-blowing pairings of artists onstage."




Metallica today announced they would significantly drop the price and offer fans a discounted digital download of their concert for the X Games Austin this Saturday, June 6th. The deeply discounted price of $5 for all digital music formats (Including FLAC) will start today and last until July 15, 2015.  

During this period, Metallica will donate ALL the money raised via these sales to the Central Texas Red Cross to assist victims of the recent floods.

The show recording is available for preorder HERE, and will be fulfilled a few days after the actual performance.

Bonnaroo SuperJam Throwback Dance Party


A.C. Entertainment and Superfly are excited to announce the once again incomparable SuperJam lineup for this year's Bonnaroo. Famous for these signature once-in-a-lifetime experiences, the SuperJam embodies everything that makes Bonnaroo special, as it has come to be known as the festival where experimentation is encouraged, genres no longer exist and superstar musicians who may have never crossed paths become unexpected collaborators in pursuit of pure creation.